Q. What is AutosPak.com?
A. AutosPak.com is a classified advertisement site to Search / Find New & Used Cars (locally manufactured, imported as completely built Units / Reconditioned cars / automobiles / used imported cars / automobiles). Locate auto dealers nationwide, publish vehicles reviews, search auto insurance in Pakistan, bank financing and booking procedure of new locally manufactured automobiles. It will also publish latest custom regulations regarding imports of new and used cars in Pakistan.
Compare car/automobiles listings by city / by price and have a fair idea about prices of new car, search automobiles / cars dealers in Pakistan, get quotes for your car, read expert reviews, or sell your car at the best possible price.
Q. Will AutosPak.com advise me?
A. AutosPak.com can also give you free advice about the fair market value of new and used cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, buses, trailers and motorcycles. On AutosPak.com, view Car Pictures, and Car Videos, and get information on spare parts, accessories and car services in Pakistan.
Q. Is AutosPak.com a bargain center?
A. AutosPak.com is a site on which you can find bargains and negotiate directly with the seller. It is one stop center for cheap cars / used vehicles. However it is neither an auto dealership / autos broker / auto trader nor a bargain center. Sellers and buyers deal directly.
Q. Will AutosPak.com advice me on Automobiles Insurance in Pakistan?
A. Yes we can give you free advice by our experts and can refer you to reputed Insurance Companies in Pakistan.
Q. Will AutosPak.com refers me to a trust worthy Car dealership in Pakistan?
A. AutosPak.com avoids referrals to Car dealerships in Pakistan. However the site is available to search car dealers, automobiles dealers, bargain centers in Pakistan. You can make good judgment by talking to a number of them.
Q. Can AutosPak.com help in bank financing for purchasing a used or new car?
A. We can advise you on how to get bank financing. AutosPak.com can also guide you to good auto repair shop, service station, auto parts dealers CNG workshops in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and all the major cities of Pakistan.
Q. Can AutosPak.com help me finding out if the vehicle is genuinely registered, custom cleared, not stolen, or never been involved in an accident?
A. AutosPak.com can give you information on the vehicle identification, its registration number, place and year of registration, and its history of ownership. We will soon in collaboration with police dept., try to reach to the vehicle accident records once these are available on traffic’s police website. Currently we can only advice about the car registration history.
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